Saturday, May 20


After nursing a mild post tour blues the past days (it has been worse after my first four shows in the beginning of the month) I am back to update MotorpsychoNews.

The tour has been wrapped up last sunday in Darmstadt with a concert that drew extensively from the stantard material performed during the tour but spawned extraordinarily unique moments too. Two great German reviews of the show can be found online: Thorsten Schmidts continued tour adventures for as well as a spot-on review for You can also download a lossless version of a digital audience recording here, this is the first recording of the recent tour to be circulated (widely).

While listening to the Darmstadt recording you can i.e. have a look at all sets the band played during this tour in the 2006 Concert Chonology Part I. During the the next two weeks I will give the CC a big final overhaul. If you you got something to add just e-mail me! Contributions of all kinds are greatly appreciated: corrections, notes, setlist scans, reviews, observations, recordings, pictures -- basically everything you feel should belong into the Concert Chronology. Thank you to past & future contributers!

Last but not least thanks to the band for bringing back the magic!


Anonymous Pinbackfreak Antoine said...

Cool, finally a show to listen at home!
Download running.

Thanx to all!

Pinbackfreak Antoine
(aka TuWann from 21 Eyes of Ruby)

1:24 AM  
Anonymous michael jtr said...

Thanks for the recording! ...and big thanks to you alex for keeping this great journal, for me, it's THE Nr. 1 source of Motorpsycho live stuff.

Well, you got my pics, maybe you have use for some of them. And then, it should be noted for M√ľnster that we also met Oyvind and Snah. But only short; Bent stayed longer, talking mostly to Anders in norwegian and sharing some vodka with me. Nice, eh. =)

1:46 AM  
Blogger dougmartsch said...

yeah, thanks for sharing the recording with us and thanks for the great and most informative site here! well done! ;0) norman

10:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well done, Alex!

See you next time.

11:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

a real pleasure to hop in and check for news etc. - well appreciated work Mr. EdVed ;)


12:19 PM  

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