Thursday, July 20

DAMPSABA updated

"We are Motorpsycho...

A couple of years ago the band provided the fan community with setlists to all concerts they have played up to 1999. The information contained within Bent's notes opened up a treasure trove for Motorpsycho historicians. Many fans, myself included, spent hours & hours browsing through the countless great sets & fantasizing about the dream Motorpsycho concert. Also the complete tour dates, setlists, venue specifics & occasional comments about peculiar versions or circumstances provide an irreplaceable tool for properly identifying & archiving fan-made recordings of Motorpsycho concerts.

In addition to all this fun the UnOff did create a neat searchable database called DAMPSABA, if you haven't used it before check it out now! DAMPSABA's content has been updated & overhauled to include every setlist up to May 2006 (yes, you read right, including the entire recent spring tour)! Also included are the Tussler tours of 2003 & 2004 (just like the pre-2000 Tussler sets have been included in the official sets).

The Motorpsycho community has been patiently waiting for this for years that's I want to thank Stefan G. & the UnOff on behalf of all fans for the continued effort! Here's to hopefully another 16 years with juicy Motorpsycho sets!

The band will be back in August to perform a handful of festival shows.

"...and tonight you win!"

The band live on stage at Paradiso, Amsterdam, May 3rd, 2006.
Pictures by Thank you very much!


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