Friday, June 30

More spring tour stuff

Still talking spring tour 2006 here:

Firstly, finally recordings of the tour start to circulate! Download Hamburg & Darmstadt from & Eindhoven from Dime. Trondheim II & Copenhagen do circulate already. Rostock, Berlin, Münster, Brussels & Köln will surface shortly. If you made a recording of one of the shows yourself -- no matter how -- please e-mail me; my tradelist can be viewed here.

Secondly, two more setlists have been scanned! Thanks a lot to Øystein Winsnes! If you can provide setlist scans for Trondheim I & II, Hamar, Rockefeller, Halden, Eindhoven, Münster, Biel, Milano or Treviso please e-mail me!

The first setlist Øystein was able to provide belongs to the mighty tour finale in Darmstadt 14.05.2006. It's full of adorable & charming German translations & malapropisms of song titles, namely "Das Whiel" (english pronounciation in german phonetic transcription), "Niemandsland" ("No-man's land") & of course "Un Hund das Weltraum". Also note that "Feel" was on the setlist but not played:

And here's the second one from Rimini 11.05.2006:

Links to these setlists have been added to the 2006 Concert Chronology Part I.

Thirdly & lastly, I have also added ticket scans of Hamburg, Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Münster, Brussels, Milano, Rimini & Treviso to the CC. The ticket scans were provided by Øystein too! Thanks! Since these do not feature dedicated artwork they aren't pictured here. If you can provide ticket scans to Trondheim I & II, Hamar, Oslo, Halden & Biel e-mail me!

Live picture of the band by Lars Sandaker, Trondheim 22.04.2006. Thank you!


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