Wednesday, August 9

Two songs from Haldern

Almost a week ago Motorpsycho performed at Haldern Festival (compare the 2006 CC Pt. II for details!). Two songs -- "Hey, Jane" & "In the family" from their set were broadcast on the radio, on local station 1Live. You can now download the two songs here (the files require the FLAC codec) & get a glimpse how the band sounds as a trio WITHOUT Geb. Caution: some terribly crooked vocals & a fairly sloppy band ahead! Thanks to Martin Schmidt for taping & uploading the broadcast!

Motorpsycho will play Oslo's Øyafestival tomorrow!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Caution: some terribly crooked vocals & a fairly sloppy band ahead!"

You got a point there - though other parts of the gig had a sparkle, motorpsycho like this is less exciting than with Oyvin.
And not comparable with Geb as a threepiece... but that's life, eh?!



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