Wednesday, September 6

Un tape d'Brüxells

On the heels of the swiss summer show, another download: this morning I made Motorpsycho's show in Brussels this spring (07.05.2006, compare the 2006 CC Pt.1) available at Etree (no sign-up required)! I promise, you'll simply love this concert for the very well-behaved & silent crowd & particularly for the extraordinary psychedelia the band creates -- one might be truly hard-pressed to find a more inspired "K9" during the 2006 tour: they weave a very delicate fabric of sounds & layers during the quiet jam parts throughout the entire show, I am tempted to say this is Øyvind's record of virtuosity, he really really shines & they allow him to conquer all spaces here! The download requires the BitTorrent technology & the FLAC-codec. Enjoy!

The band will hit the road again next month: newer news here!


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