Sunday, August 13

For Noise setlist

12.08.2006 -- For Noise Festival, Pully, Switzerland [~70 min]
Set: Hogwash, Coalmine Pony, No Evil -> Hey, Jane, New Song, Starmelt Lovelight, In the Family, Triggerman -> Manmower -> The Wheel -> Devil Dog
Encore: Hyena -> You Lied, Neverland

Notes: Motorpsycho's third of three summer festival performances in 2006. They perform as a trio. Heavy rain occurs during the show, the sound is muddy, but the band plays a good show nontheless. The new song is as yet untitled according to Bent. A slow okay-ish start to the concert turns into a solid middle
part, and then turns into sheer magic by the time they perform "Triggerman". "The Wheel" is over 20 minutes long, very noisy in parts. Bent talks about losing a bass guitar in transit due to "terror bullshit", says Bent: "Thanks so much. I would have never stood in the rain for 1.5 hours for any band." And Snah refers to another band on the festival's line up: "Celtic Frost - heroes of our Childhood."

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Thanks to Philip Jespersen!

The setlist has been added to the 2006 Concert Chronology Part II (summer).


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