Sunday, October 29

Bergen I setlist

28.10.2006 -- Kvarteret, Bergen, Norway [135 min]
Attendance: ?
Set: Heaven & Hell, Wearing Yr Smell, High Time, Starmelt/Lovelight, Triggerman -> Manmower, Sinful, Wind-borne, Kill Devil Hills, Psychonaut -> Blueberry Daydream -> Psychonaut, Sail On, All Is Loneliness, Before the Flood, In the Family, Flick Of The Wrist
Encore 1: No Evil, Hyena, You Lied, Loaded
Encore 2: Neverland, The One Who Went Away

Notes: Setlist might be slightly incomplete & out of order. This show combines an intimate venue with excellent sound & a very attentive, polite but animated audience, making this a great concert experience. The room is very hot, which seemingly increases the energy-level on- & off-stage. "Heaven & hell" has not appeared on a setlist since 13.11.1997 in Nijmegen, Holland, a great rarity to give this kick ass show a knock-out 1,2,3,4 full-attack mode start-off! Also "All is loneliness" makes its 2006 debut! The band is in great shape, smiling, laughing, kicking around on stage. As in previous shows of this small tour Jacco proves that he can pull it off: he playes "more" altogether, e.g. uses a lot more cymbals than in spring. Tonight they play one of the most intense "Manmower"s, the song has grown a lot during the tour until tonight. The moment after the long jam when Snah continues playing the guitar and Jacco and picks up the real drumsticks, is intense: one moment of silence & the coda explodes! The jam inside "Psychonaut" features some unrecognised lyrics. The longest "Flick of the wrist" of the tour continues the great vibe as set-closer: it keeps going, up, down, getting more intense for each wave until it explodes into something fantastic.

Misc.: discuss

Thanks a lot for Captain Aubrey for a extensive notes & shakti for the setlist approximation! Bergen I has been added to the 2006 Concert Chronology, the second to last show of this year -- Motorpsycho will play their last show of this tour & quite possibly of the year in Bergen tonight!


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