Monday, October 23

Waiting for the one

From "News From The Stickman Ranch #14, 23.10.2006":
That’s pretty much it for now. But before you start bombarding me with mails: yes, the Motorpsycho DVD is still being worked on and no, I still can ’t tell you exactly when it will be released. It’s been a monster of a project which keeps growing. (It will, in fact, be a double DVD).
I am starting to believe they, the band, are deliberately fueling our hopes in oder establish this as some kind of running gag and/or myth. The project will probably forever be referred to as "The DVD" among fans & it will probably gain a disc with each Christmas-season. ;-)


Anonymous michael-jtr said...

It was already a double-DVD last christmas (as stated by Visions magazine).

I certainly hope the project will see the light of the day sometime. Oh well..

2:20 AM  

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