Saturday, September 16

Tough for Motorpsycho

Yesterday an article adressed Motorpsycho's finances:

Tough for Motorpsycho

A deficit in running the company Motorpsycho Management Inc. forced the rock-band Motorpsycho out on tour again in 2006.

2005 became a quiet and non-profitable year for Motorpsycho Management Inc., which runs administrative tasks and touring for the trønder rock-band Motorpsycho. Figures for 2005 show that there were only 625.143 NOK in income, and over a million in expenses. The deficit was 466.232 NOK.

"The corporation's stock-funds is lost. The board's decision to cover the expenses has been done by extensive touring in 2006" the board writes in their annual statement, given August 28th this year. In the board is board-leader Håkon Gebhardt and board-members Hans Magnus "Snah" Ryan and Bent Sæther. Daily leader in the corporation is Cecilie Lykke. Together the four own a 1/4 each of the company Motorpsycho Management Inc. Motorpsycho had their best year financially in 2002 when they accounted for over 4,5 million NOK in total incomes. In 2004 and 2005 total transactions were around 1,5 million NOK. Also in 2004 the company had a deficit.

Motorpsycho started their spring-tour at Studentersamfundet in April, and later visited 3 other Norwegian cities before the journey continued to Denmark, Germany, Belgium and Italy. This Summer Motorpsycho did a big Norwegian festival-gig, at Øyafestivalen in Oslo.

Thanks to Eirik Helleve for the news & Thomas for the translation (both via g35)!


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