Saturday, October 7

More gigs

Welcome the fall, welcome the gigs! October turns out to be a busy month for Motorpsycho: The band will hit the road later this month with a string of exclusive Norwegian dates, among them three two-night-stands. The opening date is now confirmed to take place October 19 in Tromsø at Driv. The tour will then hit Bodø, Trondheim (2x), Oslo (2x), Stavanger & Bergen (2x). Many shows are already sold-out. For more information see the tour-schedule!

Slightly less than two weeks left until the tour-start but Bent & Snah will appear live in person on stage in Oslo tonight during a tribute concert to commemorate legendary NRK-DJ Harald Are Lund's 60th birthday at legendary Jazz-Club Blå! Together with guitar-player/rock historician Willy B. they will perform under the name The Insect Machine! The event is not sold out yet. For more information compare this (Norwegian) arcticle! If you plan to attend this gig please let me know some details afterwards, any information (or recording) would be of course greatly appreciated!

Thank you to Simon for the Tromsø confirmation & Nils Hoffman for the Insect Machine news!


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