Saturday, October 28

Stavanger setlist

27.10.2006 -- Folken, Stavanger, Norway [127 min]
Attendance: 600
Set: The Other Other Fool, No Evil, Coalmine Pony, Sinful Windborne, Kill Devil Hills -> Devil Dog, Before The Flood, Manmower, Flick Of The Wrist, Insert Song Title Here, Wearing Yr Smell, Psychonaut -> Blueberry Daydream -> Psychonaut -> High Time -> Starmelt/Lovelight -> Neverland
Encore 1: Hyena, You Lied, Loaded
Encore 2: The One Who went Away

Notes: Not sold out. Quite a few talking people in tonight's crowd not paying attention during the first hour of the show. Bent experiences problems with his bass during "Sinful wind-borne" & "Kill devil hills" throwing it to the ground during the latter, looking quite angry, but soon a smile is back on his face. "Flick of the wrist" is really long and jammy. A great rock n' roll show with a few quiet moments ("Flood", "Manmower", jam-parts in "Flick"). Highlights include "Manmower", "Flick", "Wearing yr smell", "Psychonaut -> Blueberry daydream" & "Loaded". "Hogwash" was on the written setlist, but is being substituted with "Loaded". "The one who went away" was not on the written setlist.

Misc: discuss

Thank you very much & best regards to Øystein! The set has been added to the 2006 CC! The band is on stage in Bergen right now!


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