Tuesday, October 24

Little drummer boy

Yesterday two video-excerpts of The Insect Machine gig earlier this month (compare the Concert Chronology) have been made available on YouTube, thanks to Jacob Solberg who has filmed the event! Apart from the very interesting glimpse into a rare Motorpsycho side- & sparetimeproject the footage also offers interesting insights into Bent's abilities as a drummer. As most Motorpsycho fans will be aware of Bent knows very well how to drum, he has previously contributed studio-drumming to selected tunes on 2000's "Let them eat cake" (liner notes). Apart from "You lose" he also does the complete drum-tracks on the band's latest effort "Black hole/blank canvas" (2006) -- the first album without Geb in 14 years -- which has received great attention among fans & has spawned some varied opinions. Unfortunately the sound featured in the footage is fairly poor but the music's early 1970s blues-rock character is evident, with some raw vibes & a juicy & rich organ.

Find the two Insect Machine songs -- "I believe" by Ray Charles & "Whisky & Rock n' Roll" (title tbc) -- below. Speaking of Bent's drumming, I'd like to supplement the Insect Machine videos with a hilarious clip of the old Motorpsycho doing some fake playback on Norwegian TV (NRK1) for "You lied (Walking on the water)" back in 1997. See how Bent, Geb & Snah switch roles -- comedy at its best!

Thanks again to Jacob Solberg for sharing the Insect Machine material & for Ola fom Trondheim for the "You lied"-clip!

Motorpsycho are to play the first of two concerts at the Rockefeller tonight!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Boy, do they suck...

3:04 PM  
Blogger Guffen said...

"the first album without Geb"? You better correct that right away - if their Lobotomizer drummer reads this, you'll probably find out why he was nicknamed Killer.

12:32 PM  
Blogger khm said...

oh yeah, of course, thanks for the correction. that fault partly happened due to sloppy editing while being in a a rush (i wanted to add "in 15 years") & and partly, maybe subconconsciusly, due to my own perecption of the band's back-catalogue...

3:58 PM  

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