Monday, December 4

More from the HGH/Kaizers-tour...

Reports & reviews from the ongoing HGH/Kaizers Orchestra tour have been few & far between. But here is a review from Vienna, 25.11.2006. It mentions the HGH performance:
A capacity crowd at WUK danced through the entire night. Already the two-man support-band HGH knew how to win the audience over. Solely on toy & children’s instruments they presented their music style called “Trashgrass”, which sounds like Toy Dolls on Bluegrass & which convinced the Vienna audience not only because of their version of “Star spangled banner” performed on nose-flutes.
Here are three pictures from that Vienna show, taken by Anne-Kathrin Hartmann & originally posted on this blog.

Apart from the review-snippet above it's hard to tell how HGH were perceived by the Kaizers fans or by the press. I guess a certain over-saturation with Kaizers Orchestra -- this is the third leg of a long tour, which began in 2005 -- is responsible for the lack of reviews in the press. If you saw one of the shows the two Norwegian bands have played together so far & want to contribute some impressions e-mail me please! Comments Rune, Motorpsycho fan from Holland:
Listening to the CDs of HGH is one thing. Seeing them live is something else. I am questioning Geb's judgement, leaving MP to deal with projects like these...Kaizers rocked the joint, though! Great gig!
Some more HGH pictures can be found on a German Kaizers-fansite: a shot from Köln, nose-flutes in Bochum, the duo München, Zurich #1 & #2, Berlin #1 & #2 & one more from Hamburg.

An extra show has apparently been added to the tour in Århus, Denmark tomorrow, December 5th, compare this site.

In the family

I consider HGH news significant news for any interested Motorpsycho fan, that's why you can find coverage of their tour here at MotorpsychoNews. In honour of the deceased IN THE FAMILY-site -- greatly missed by many of us -- I will create an extra post which I will link in the sidebar for quick side-project navigation (still under construction though): check it out!


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