Saturday, November 18

Student of your history

The Concert Chronology Part III (fall) has been overhauled & finalized with a lot of final updates: I have supplemented the existing comments to Trondheim I & II & Rockefeller I with really extensive & insightful notes by Jonne Kramer. Thank you so much Jonne for taking the time to sit down & review your personal tour, greatly appreciated, the best! I have also added a lot of performance notes as well as some song-timings for both Trondheim shows, Rockefeller II & Bergen II based on the available audience recordings. Some minor corrections here or there have been made to most entries, thanks to, among many others, The other Anders, Rolf Klausen, Akane, Laika, Tore, Ove, Gustav & everyone at the Forum & G35! Last but not least two more setlist scans are now available (also added to the CC), thanks a lot to Akane:

Trondheim 21.10.2006:

Stavanger 27.10.2006:

I will soon join all three parts (spring, summer & fall) of the Concert Chronology 2006 in order to create just one 2006-file. That doesn't mean though I will stop accepting contributions -- the Concert Chronology is an ongoing project & I would like to urge anyone to submit whatever he or she remembers of the show(s) he or she attended! Every detail, as small as it might seem, is worth being considered, put together they all tell the incredible story of Motorpsycho in concert! The 2006 Concert Chronology has been my favourite pet & I intend to expand my work to previous (and hopefully future) years too, hopefully with as much detail & rich documentation as for 2006. Quite obviously I do depend on your memories, contributions & submissions regarding this matter. Please show your devotion to the band & their art as performing artists & write me something about the Motorpsycho shows you attended in the past, as great or small the number might be, every contribution from you will be gladly accepted & enormously appreciated! More about that later, for now drop me a line here! Also thank you to the people who have already contributed with comments & setlist-scans!

Motorpsychodelic thanks & regards,
yours passionately!


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