Wednesday, November 22

HGH/Kaizers Orchestra tour now underway

The last part of the Kaizers Orchestra tour in support of their last studio album "Maestro" during which they will be supported by HGH is underway since yesterday when the two bands played the first European date in Köln! As previously reported HGH will support Kaizers Orchestra during all concerts of the "Grand finale"-tour outside of Norway, an enormeous exposure for the cult Trash-Grass band which consist of Håkon "Geb" Gebhardt formerly the drummer of Motorpsycho & the American-Norwegian singer, songwriter & bandleader Martin Hagfors. Due to a massive demand two additional shows in Copenhagen have been added to the original tour-dates: the "Grande finale" will now be a three-night stand at Copenhagens Vega, December 7, 8 & 9! HGH are also scheduled to appear in an afternoon gig of their own at Copenhagen's Studenterhuset, December 8 (details to follow!)! While Kaizer's Orchestra are expected to go on a break after the tour's end, HGH are expected to release a new album next year & to go on an extensive European tour.

The "Grand finale" tour calls at:

21.11.2006 Cologne, Germany Live Music Hall
22.11.2006 Bochum, Germany Zeche
23.11.2006 Nuremberg, Germany Hirsch
24.11.2006 Munich, Germany Backstage
25.11.2006 Wien, Austria Wuk
26.11.2006 Zürich, Switzerland Rote Fabrik
28.11.2006 Berlin. Germany Postbanhof
29.11.2006 Hamburg, Germany Uebel & Gefaerlich
30.11.2006 Gent, Belgia Handelsbeurs
01.12.2006 Groningen, Holland Oosterpoort
02.12.2006 Amsterdam, Holland Melkweg
03.12.2006 Utrecht, Holland Tivoli
06.12.2006 Århus, Danmark Train
07.12.2006 Copenhagen, Danmark Vega
08.12.2006 Copenhagen, Studenterhuset (afternoon) -- HGH only
08.12.2006 Copenhagen, Danmark Vega
09.12.2006 Copenhagen, Danmark Vega

MotorpsychoNews does not aim to offer a coverage of the HGH/Kaizers tour as detailed as about Motorpsycho's 2006 tours but expect some random press reviews & notes if something will become available/published.

As always your input is appreciated: Many Psychonauts will go & see the shows if only to show their support & love for Geb -- I will travel to the second Vega show myself. If you will attend a show & feel like sharing what it is like to see HGH at a big venue supporting Kaizers Orchestra, or if you know of a review in your local press, then please e-mail me!

Btw, I have two tickets to the long sold out first show at Vega, Copenhagen, December 7, 2006 for sale because I will now attend the second night -- if you are interested in purchasing them just drop me a line! Thank you!

Kaizers Orchestra live @ Popkomm Showcase, Berlin, Germany, Kesselhaus, 21.09.2006, picture courtesy of Save Me Kaizer -- can you spot someone familiar? ;-)


Anonymous ingmar said...

hmf, i just saw kaizers here i gothenburg, and it sucked. they (the band) seemed tired from touring, and their music isnt to damn exciting in the first place, hehe. hgh as support-band would definately had made the whole experience muuuch better! lucky you! ;)

6:08 PM  
Anonymous akane said...

kaizers will stop playing as a band after this tour and will aim to each solo works from now...thats why they seemed to tired...maybe! and i also think HGH should be so fun to watch!

5:06 AM  
Blogger Rune said...

Saw them last night. First time I saw HGH. Err...not quite sure what to say. I filmed it. Quality is only so so, handheld compact camera. I got nudged quite a bit.
Listening to the cds of HGH is one thing. Seeing them live something else. I am questioning Geb's judgement, leaving MP to deal with projects like these...

Alex, I'll send you a cd with the movie. Do what you want with it.

Kaizers rocked the joint, though! Great gig!

9:26 AM  
Anonymous Girl on the Moon said...

Oh please, obviously Gebh put a lot of thought into leaving Motorpsycho; likewise obvious is that he's having a great time with Martin in HGH, where he can give his creativity free reign and shine as an entertainer, not just a musician.
The Tivoli set was really short: Garbage in the Mud, Dirt Poor, Country Chris, Father Seb, and a couple new ones, not sure about the official titles but something like Love My Brother & Stupid Song, but fun nonetheless.

HGH even managed to hold the attention of the majority of the audience, which at first glance looked either too enslaved to trends or too inane to let down their guard and enjoy something not hyped in whatever the prevailing guide for hip and cool crap happens to be (sorry, I lost my copy!)

I think it's great to see Gebh dancing around with his glittery banjo making silly faces and hear him harmonizing with Martin instead of sitting eyes closed pounding out yet another night's worth of the Wheel.
But hey, that's just me.

3:36 PM  

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