Saturday, January 6


After a year of refusing to jump on the bandwagon I have now joined MySpace. I have always considered this very space here -- MotorpsychoNews -- my space which I always proudly countered to all the MySpace-enthusiasts. However, during the last six months, through the work with the The Magnificent Brotherhood of Eternal Love & The Happiness's Close Companions, the psychedelic Garage Rock Band band I manage, I have learned to appreciate the advantages of MySpace. Everyone's favourite network has become almost irreplaceable in the music business, particularly for small unsigned bands, having a MySpace account seems to be really essential. So, in order to merge my multiple ambitions & interests in the music business -- band manager, webmaster of MotorpschoNews, aspiring writer/critic & last but not least scientific researcher about Berlin's music industry -- I considered it best to give in to the trend & finally create a profile at MySpace of my own. If you are curious to learn something about the man behind MotorpsychoNews as well as my ambitions & intentions for this site you are most welcome to visit my profile & join me as a friend.

KissHerMind @ MySpace

Thank you! Peace!


Anonymous michael-jtr said...

I was thinking just the same thing about MySpace, I was reluctant to join there for a long time, but as you said, its probably quite necessary to be present there. What a shame! ;-)

But its nice to have some fellow p-nauts on that network!

10:28 AM  
Blogger khm said...

well, actually i have quickly learned to appreciate the various advantages of myspace now that i am a member, e.g. staying up to date about so many "friends" (artists, partners, real friends) at the same time is really easy & comfortable. what sucks, of course, is the advertising...

10:48 AM  

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