Friday, December 15

One year MotorpsychoNews

MotorpsychoNews celebrates its first anniversary today! One year ago, in December 2005, Motorpsycho's return from a three & a half year hiatus was imminent & my introductory post "Tour dates shaping up!" came just in time to kick off a great year 2006 for Motorpsycho fans. 174 posts later (which equals an average update frequency of every second day) I find myself rereading the introduction to this space which is still featured on the very top of this page & which I quickly & spontaneously scribbled down back then. It reads:
The aim of this blog is to accompany their [the band's] return with news, media coverage, show-reviews as well as personal reflections. This blog might very well turn into a source about all things Motorpsycho in the hope that the band will find its way back into a more regular work-groove.
I am happily astounded that MotorpsychoNews established itself as exactly that -- a source for all things Motorpsycho -- and the vast variety of topics MotorpsychoNews touched within the Motorpsycho universe still amazes me. I feel I have thoroughly accomplished the purpose articulated one year ago. That's why I will leave the original introduction untouched because it still holds up & of course I will try to work towards the same goal in MotorpsychoNews' second year too -- let's see what the band has in store for us in 2007! Maintaining this blog has been both a lot of work as well as great fun & inspiration.

Thank you to all readers who stuck with me, to all the people who contributed, commented, helped, reflected & supported, particularly to the UnOff, the people at the forum, at g35 & everybody I met & traveled with on tour, also thanks to The other Anders for continued inspiration & friendship & many translations as well as to Rolf Klausen for many guest-features & lots of translation help too! Last but not least my love & kisses go out to Susann for making life really worthwile & so much brighter & tender ever since we met in Rostock!

MotorpsychoNews will present a more comprehensive look back on the Motorpsycho year 2006 later on, for now you can browse back-issues in the INDEX or have a look at what has kind of become the heart of this site, the 2006 Concert Chronlogy spring, summer & fall!

If you feel like it please leave a comment or e-mail me for feedback!

Thank you!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!

Super Seite! Vielen Dank und weiter so!



12:17 PM  
Blogger Johannes said...

Happy birthday, MotorpsychoNews!

Thank you for doing this, Alex. It's very much appreciated. A great resource! Let's hope you get a lot of news to keep you busy in 2007 too..


1:37 PM  
Anonymous Rob said...

Thanks for your continued dedication Alex, it's
much appreciated...


8:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey alex
keep up the good work

9:47 PM  
Anonymous michael jtr said...

Hi alex,

you know that I really dig your site and will always contribute to it when I've got something for you. Hope you keep up the good work + I wish you happy holidays!

btw: one last thing: you could limit the number of postings shown on the front page, your site always takes quite some time to load - I'm seeing all posts since 4/22 all at once. Apart from that, nothing to change!

Greetings from the south,

11:06 PM  
Anonymous kelly said...

Great Blog... Keep it up.

xoxox Kelly ;)

2:53 AM  

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