Tuesday, October 31

Rockefeller II setlist-scan

This is a setlist-scan of the second Rockefeller show, 25.10.2006. Avid readers of this blog will know that I am a sucker for Motorpsycho setlists particularly the little details contained on the individual lists. Sure enough this one is no exception: they employ their cutest German for "Neverland" & "The one who went away": "Niemandsland" & "Der einer die dahmals veg gegehen ist!". Also note the spelling of the new song "Phoot's phlower" or is this supposed to be the correct title?! Thank you very much to Oliver for the scan! Please keep them contribations coming, some of you have already written me truely in-depth notes to the most recent shows which will be used in a final overhaul of the 2006 Concert Chronology Part III (fall). If you got something to add to the spring, summer & fall shows please e-mail me & share it with us all! Thank you! Best!

Monday, October 30

More Bergen

Last night's tour closing show in Bergen is up on Dime, not even 24 hours after its completion! Thanks so much to Frostbrent for the great effort! And while you're impatioently waiting for the download to finish you can now read some extensive notes about the concert in the 2006 Concert Chronology!

Bergen pictures

Some pictures from the tour-closing two-night stand at Bergen's Kvarteret. These are from the first night. Taken by Line Johanessen. Thank you for the beautiful shots! Also, corrected Bergen II setlist plus some notes in the CC -- they wrapped up the tour with style!

Bergen II setlist

29.10.2006 -- Kvarteret, Bergen, Norway
Attendance: ?
Set: Un Chien D'Espace, The Other Other Fool, No Evil, Kill Devil Hills -> Devil Dog, Manmower, Insert Song Title Here, Psychonaut -> Blueberry Daydream -> Psychonaut -> High Time -> Starmelt/Lovelight, Wearing Yr Smell, [...], Hyena, You Lied
Encore 1: All Is Loneliness
Encore 2: Flick Of The Wrist

Notes: Setlist incomplete & possibly out of order, a song is missing between "Wearing yr smell" & "Hyena". "All is loneliness" makes for a perfect encore, lasting 15 minutes. They omit the guitar-riff instead there is just a bassline.

Misc: discuss

Added to the 2006 Concert Chronology Part III (fall).

Thanks a lot to Laika for the setlist! If you got a correct/complete setlist & can add some notes e-mail me!

Sunday, October 29

Bergen I setlist

28.10.2006 -- Kvarteret, Bergen, Norway [135 min]
Attendance: ?
Set: Heaven & Hell, Wearing Yr Smell, High Time, Starmelt/Lovelight, Triggerman -> Manmower, Sinful, Wind-borne, Kill Devil Hills, Psychonaut -> Blueberry Daydream -> Psychonaut, Sail On, All Is Loneliness, Before the Flood, In the Family, Flick Of The Wrist
Encore 1: No Evil, Hyena, You Lied, Loaded
Encore 2: Neverland, The One Who Went Away

Notes: Setlist might be slightly incomplete & out of order. This show combines an intimate venue with excellent sound & a very attentive, polite but animated audience, making this a great concert experience. The room is very hot, which seemingly increases the energy-level on- & off-stage. "Heaven & hell" has not appeared on a setlist since 13.11.1997 in Nijmegen, Holland, a great rarity to give this kick ass show a knock-out 1,2,3,4 full-attack mode start-off! Also "All is loneliness" makes its 2006 debut! The band is in great shape, smiling, laughing, kicking around on stage. As in previous shows of this small tour Jacco proves that he can pull it off: he playes "more" altogether, e.g. uses a lot more cymbals than in spring. Tonight they play one of the most intense "Manmower"s, the song has grown a lot during the tour until tonight. The moment after the long jam when Snah continues playing the guitar and Jacco and picks up the real drumsticks, is intense: one moment of silence & the coda explodes! The jam inside "Psychonaut" features some unrecognised lyrics. The longest "Flick of the wrist" of the tour continues the great vibe as set-closer: it keeps going, up, down, getting more intense for each wave until it explodes into something fantastic.

Misc.: discuss

Thanks a lot for Captain Aubrey for a extensive notes & shakti for the setlist approximation! Bergen I has been added to the 2006 Concert Chronology, the second to last show of this year -- Motorpsycho will play their last show of this tour & quite possibly of the year in Bergen tonight!

Saturday, October 28

Stavanger setlist

27.10.2006 -- Folken, Stavanger, Norway [127 min]
Attendance: 600
Set: The Other Other Fool, No Evil, Coalmine Pony, Sinful Windborne, Kill Devil Hills -> Devil Dog, Before The Flood, Manmower, Flick Of The Wrist, Insert Song Title Here, Wearing Yr Smell, Psychonaut -> Blueberry Daydream -> Psychonaut -> High Time -> Starmelt/Lovelight -> Neverland
Encore 1: Hyena, You Lied, Loaded
Encore 2: The One Who went Away

Notes: Not sold out. Quite a few talking people in tonight's crowd not paying attention during the first hour of the show. Bent experiences problems with his bass during "Sinful wind-borne" & "Kill devil hills" throwing it to the ground during the latter, looking quite angry, but soon a smile is back on his face. "Flick of the wrist" is really long and jammy. A great rock n' roll show with a few quiet moments ("Flood", "Manmower", jam-parts in "Flick"). Highlights include "Manmower", "Flick", "Wearing yr smell", "Psychonaut -> Blueberry daydream" & "Loaded". "Hogwash" was on the written setlist, but is being substituted with "Loaded". "The one who went away" was not on the written setlist.

Misc: discuss

Thank you very much & best regards to Øystein! The set has been added to the 2006 CC! The band is on stage in Bergen right now!

Friday, October 27

Trondheim recordings

Both Trondheim shows of the current tour are now up on Dime!!!

Thursday, October 26

Rockefeller II notes

More on Rockefeller II: The new song's working title is "Foot flower"! Read lenghty notes, the majority of them provided by Gustav Vaaje-Kolstad via g35, in the 2006 Concert Chronology! Thank you very much Gustav for providing us with your mini-review so soon after the show! Best! A well deserverd off day today before the seemingly rejuvaneted & heaviest Motorpsycho in years will perform Stavanger tomorrow!

Rockefeller II setlist

25.10.2006 -- Rockefeller Music Hall, Oslo, Norway [132 min]
Attendance: 1300
Set: Un Chien D'Espace, Flick Of The Wrist, Kill Devil Hills, Manmower, New Song #2, Before The Flood, Triggerman -> Devil Dog, Psychonaut -> Hawkwind Cover -> Blueberry Daydream -> Psychonaut
Encore 1: Wearing Yr Smell, Starmelt/Lovelight, Neverland, Hyena, You Lied, Loaded
Encore 2:
The One Who Went Away

Notes: Tonight: Jamspacemotorfloydhawkwind! The second new song debuts tonight, a really epic tune! The songs are back to normal tempo.

Misc.: discuss

Thanks to The other Anders via SMS!

Also check out really lenghty notes, an Oslopuls review & yet more corrections to the Rockefeller I setlist in the Concert Chronology!

Wednesday, October 25

Corrected Rockefeller I setlist

Corrected, supplemented setlist & more notes to last night's Rockefeller show in the Concert Chronology! Looking for even more corrections, particularly regarding the encore seperation & of course more notes & observations from this amazing night, please e-mail me if you got something to share! Second Rockefeller show to take place tonight!

Rockefeller I setlist

24.10.2006 -- Rockefeller Music Hall, Oslo, Norway [137 min]
Attendance: 1300 (sold out)
Set: The Other Other Fool, New Song, Manmower, In The Family, Flick Of The Wrist, She's A Lover, High Time -> Starmelt/Lovelight, Sinful Wind-Borne, Sail On, Psychonaut -> Blueberry Daydream -> Psychonaut, Neverland, No Evil, Hyena -> You Lied,
Encore: Hogwash, Change My Life, The One Wo Went Away

Notes: Set/encore seperation unconfirmed. "In the family" tour premiere. "Change my life": new song or cover -- tbc!? Total tractor trio rock, insanely loud!

Misc: discuss

Many thanks to The other Anders, via SMS! Wish I could have been there with you!

As soon as more notes will be available the set will be added to the Concert Chronology. Your notes in the CC: e-mail me! Thanks!

Tuesday, October 24

Little drummer boy

Yesterday two video-excerpts of The Insect Machine gig earlier this month (compare the Concert Chronology) have been made available on YouTube, thanks to Jacob Solberg who has filmed the event! Apart from the very interesting glimpse into a rare Motorpsycho side- & sparetimeproject the footage also offers interesting insights into Bent's abilities as a drummer. As most Motorpsycho fans will be aware of Bent knows very well how to drum, he has previously contributed studio-drumming to selected tunes on 2000's "Let them eat cake" (liner notes). Apart from "You lose" he also does the complete drum-tracks on the band's latest effort "Black hole/blank canvas" (2006) -- the first album without Geb in 14 years -- which has received great attention among fans & has spawned some varied opinions. Unfortunately the sound featured in the footage is fairly poor but the music's early 1970s blues-rock character is evident, with some raw vibes & a juicy & rich organ.

Find the two Insect Machine songs -- "I believe" by Ray Charles & "Whisky & Rock n' Roll" (title tbc) -- below. Speaking of Bent's drumming, I'd like to supplement the Insect Machine videos with a hilarious clip of the old Motorpsycho doing some fake playback on Norwegian TV (NRK1) for "You lied (Walking on the water)" back in 1997. See how Bent, Geb & Snah switch roles -- comedy at its best!

Thanks again to Jacob Solberg for sharing the Insect Machine material & for Ola fom Trondheim for the "You lied"-clip!

Motorpsycho are to play the first of two concerts at the Rockefeller tonight!

Monday, October 23

Waiting for the one

From "News From The Stickman Ranch #14, 23.10.2006":
That’s pretty much it for now. But before you start bombarding me with mails: yes, the Motorpsycho DVD is still being worked on and no, I still can ’t tell you exactly when it will be released. It’s been a monster of a project which keeps growing. (It will, in fact, be a double DVD).
I am starting to believe they, the band, are deliberately fueling our hopes in oder establish this as some kind of running gag and/or myth. The project will probably forever be referred to as "The DVD" among fans & it will probably gain a disc with each Christmas-season. ;-)

Blæst II setlist

22.10.2006 -- Blæst, Trondheim, Norway [140 min]
Attendance: ~250
Set: Psychonaut -> Jam -> Blueberry Daydream -> Psychonaut, Insert Song Title Here (new song), Kill Devil Hills -> Devil Dog, Before The Flood, Wearing Yr Smell, High Time -> Starmelt/Lovelight, Triggerman -> Manmower, No Evil, Hyena -> You Lied, Hogwash
Encore: Un Chien D'Espace (w/ Øyvind Brandtsegg)

Notes: A perfect gig blowing everyone away. An amazing crystal-clear sound & a very attentive audience (says Bent: "Is it respect or boredom?") are just the icing on the cake, the band's performance is top notch! "Psychonaut" includes (parts of) "Blueberry daydream" again. "Hogwash" is very long & noisy, bursting with bass-riffs. Øyvind joins the band for the encore-selection "Un chien d'espace"! This version clocks in 34 minutes & encompasses every improvisational mode from quiet to very noisy & hard driven passages. Fantastic playing & great interaction in the band. The build-up is fantastic. During the quiet parts everyone in the room held their breaths, not a sound, except the band playing. Then, during Øyvind's solo, Bent, Snah & Jacco just stopped playing and stood there with their eyes closed, the audience dead-qiet, a mesmerizing moment! "The wheel" was on the written setlist (after "Hogwash") but wasn't played.

Misc.: discuss, festival poster

Thanks again to Rolf & everyone who commented in the forum.

This setlist too has been added to the 2006 Concert Chronology Part III. Contributions are wanted & will be gladly appreciated!

Today is an off-day before the tour will resume tomorrow with a two-night stand at Oslo's Rockefeller Music Hall!

Blæst I setlist -- corrected

Corrected & supplemented setlist plus more notes for the first of the two amazing Trondheim shows (21.10.2006) added to the 2006 Concert Chronology Part III! Thanks to Jonne, Rolf, Tormod & Tore! Second Trondheim setlist to follow soon, be prepared for another bla(e)st!

Sunday, October 22

Blæst I setlist

21.10.2006 -- Blæst, Trondheim, Norway [122 min]

Attendance: ~250
Set: [incomplete & out of order] The Other Other Fool, No Evil, Devil Dog, Hyena, Sail on, Wearing Yr Smell, Kill Devil Hills, High Time, Sinful Windborne, Starmelt/Lovelight, Flick Of The Wrist, You Lied, Neverland, Summertime Blues, The One Who Went Away, New Song

Notes: The first of two shows in Trondheim as part of the Tjuvstart festival. Sold out. Another night without longer jams. Snah is on fire & fun to to watch.

Misc.: discuss

Some pictures:

Thanks to Fantestrik for the setlist-approximation & Knut Skogstad for the pictures! Best!

Blæst I has been added to the Concert Chronology! If you are not busy touring & saw one or two or all of the first three shows please e-mail me some notes! Motorpsycho will perform the second Blæst show tonight!

Bodø setlist

20.10.2006 -- Sinus, Bodø, Norway
Set: The Other Other Fool, No Evil, High Time, Starmelt/lovelight, Triggerman -> Manmover, Flick of the Wrist, Devildog, Insert song title here (new song), Sinful, Wind-borne, Kill Devil Hills, Psychonaut, Blueberry Daydream, Hyena -> You Lied, Loaded, Wearing Yr Smell, Neverland, The One Who Went Away

Notes: The correct setlist, running order & set/encore seperation remain unconfirmed. "Blueberry daydream" might have been ommitted although it was on the written setlist while the last three numbers were not on the the setlist. The mega-rare hit "Wearing yr smell" returns (perhaps to celebrate the reissue of the CD-version of the EP the day before?) -- after three performances in 2004, this is the fourth performance in 9 years, since it was last performed in Biella 23.05.1997! All in all the setlist resembles very much the previous night's selections. The venue is very packed but the sound sucks.

Misc.: discuss

Thanks to Thomas & Motorpussy for the setlist & everyone else in the thread for notes & comments. More comprehensive & cohesive information will be greatly appreciated -- please e-mail me for comments/corrections/confirmations etc.! Thank you! This setlist has been added to the 2006 Concert Chronology Part III (fall).

Awaiting the Trondheim setlist right now because Motorpsycho are playing the first of two hometown shows this very moment, compare the tour dates!

Friday, October 20

Tromsø setlist

19.10.2006 -- Driv, Tromsø, Norway [115 min]

Set: The Other Other Fool, High Time -> Starmelt/lovelight, Triggerman -> Manmower, Kill Devil Hills -> Devil Dog, New, Insert Songtitle, Flick Of The Wrist, She's A Lover, No Evil, Hyena -> You Lied, Sinful-Windborne, Neverland, Psychonaut, Summertime Blues, The One Who Went Away

Notes: The first show of the Norway-exclusive fall tour 2006. The band appears as a trio: with Jacco van Rooij on drums but sans Øyvind Brandtsegg. The setlist might be slightly out of order. "Summertime blues" & "The one" were not on the setlist, their placement is uncertain, set & encore seperation remain unclear as well. The band introduces a good number of not-played-in-a-long-while tunes: most notably "The other other fool", which was last performed in summer 2000, but also "High time", "Flick of the wrist", "Sinful wind-borne" & "Psychonaut", all of which were performed the last time during the band's real last major tour during fall 2002. "Insert song title" is a new song, most likely the same song that was debuted at the For Noise Festival, August 2006. "She is a lover" is a another new song, perhaps a cover (Pretty Things?). The trio plays hard & loud. Jacco is now much more part of the band. He also does back-up vocals & he receives less cues from Bent.

Misc.: discuss

Thanks so much to Trulsolsen for the cool documentation (both pics) & Mats for extended notes!

The setlist has been added to the 2006 Concert Chronology Part III (fall). Motorpsycho play Bodø tonight!

Thursday, October 19

Live! Tonight! Motorpsycho!

Tonight Motorpsycho will take Norway's roads for a 9-show-run that will visit Tromsø, Bodø, Trondheim, Oslo, Stavanger & Bergen. See the tour dates here. No dates outside of Norway are currently scheduled.

As always MotorpsychoNews aims to cover the tour in the most comprehensive manner. This can only be done with your help! All contributions will be gladly appreciated: setlists, performance- & show- comments, personal reviews, press pre- & reviews, pictures, recordings, videos, setlist- & ticket-scans, just anything, you name it! Have a look at MotorpsychoNews' previous tour-coverage in the 2006 Concert Chronology Part I & Part II to see what can be of interest. Ready to contribute? Then e-mail me! Thank you, thank you, thank you so much!

In other news, the long deleted CD-versions of the "Wearing yr smell"-, "The nerve tattoo"- & "Manmower"-EPs are available again! According to a post on Stickman Records the CD-reissues are available as of today via the mailorder. This will delight collectors & completists as they won't have to pay steep Ebay prices anymore! Thanks & cheers to Hamburg's Holger Mannes for these news .

But now, here's to some wonderful concerts, juicy setlists, stunning surprises & great vibes at the shows! Enjoy!

Monday, October 9

The Insect Machine

Thanks to the folks at the forum setlist, line up & notes to The Insect Machine gig at Oslo's Blå last saturday 07.10.2006 have been added to the 2006 Concert Chronology Part III (fall)! If you got supplementary or more comprehensive information regarding this gig please e-mail me! Also looking for all kind of artefacts, namely pictures, recordings, setlist-scans, lyric sheet-scans etc.

Motorpsycho will embark on a 9-date tour of Norway from October 19 on, see the intinerary here.

Saturday, October 7

More gigs

Welcome the fall, welcome the gigs! October turns out to be a busy month for Motorpsycho: The band will hit the road later this month with a string of exclusive Norwegian dates, among them three two-night-stands. The opening date is now confirmed to take place October 19 in Tromsø at Driv. The tour will then hit Bodø, Trondheim (2x), Oslo (2x), Stavanger & Bergen (2x). Many shows are already sold-out. For more information see the tour-schedule!

Slightly less than two weeks left until the tour-start but Bent & Snah will appear live in person on stage in Oslo tonight during a tribute concert to commemorate legendary NRK-DJ Harald Are Lund's 60th birthday at legendary Jazz-Club Blå! Together with guitar-player/rock historician Willy B. they will perform under the name The Insect Machine! The event is not sold out yet. For more information compare this (Norwegian) arcticle! If you plan to attend this gig please let me know some details afterwards, any information (or recording) would be of course greatly appreciated!

Thank you to Simon for the Tromsø confirmation & Nils Hoffman for the Insect Machine news!

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