Tuesday, November 28

More random stuff from the fall tour

Some more visual stuff from the band's fall tour available: check out the pretty cool video footage of "Psychonaut" (complete with "Blueberry daydream") from the first night at Rockefeller (24.10.2006) on YouTube -- part one of the song here & continued in part two here! Great projections there! Thanks to Pekka Stokke!

Furthermore some interesting pictures from the second night in Trondheim (22.10.2006) can be found here, taken by Marius, a Trondheim based amateur photographer who keeps a blog here. Thanks to Vegard! This is my favourite pic of the bunch:

Read all about the band's fall tour last month here! But your help is still needed! Thank you!

Wednesday, November 22

HGH/Kaizers Orchestra tour now underway

The last part of the Kaizers Orchestra tour in support of their last studio album "Maestro" during which they will be supported by HGH is underway since yesterday when the two bands played the first European date in Köln! As previously reported HGH will support Kaizers Orchestra during all concerts of the "Grand finale"-tour outside of Norway, an enormeous exposure for the cult Trash-Grass band which consist of Håkon "Geb" Gebhardt formerly the drummer of Motorpsycho & the American-Norwegian singer, songwriter & bandleader Martin Hagfors. Due to a massive demand two additional shows in Copenhagen have been added to the original tour-dates: the "Grande finale" will now be a three-night stand at Copenhagens Vega, December 7, 8 & 9! HGH are also scheduled to appear in an afternoon gig of their own at Copenhagen's Studenterhuset, December 8 (details to follow!)! While Kaizer's Orchestra are expected to go on a break after the tour's end, HGH are expected to release a new album next year & to go on an extensive European tour.

The "Grand finale" tour calls at:

21.11.2006 Cologne, Germany Live Music Hall
22.11.2006 Bochum, Germany Zeche
23.11.2006 Nuremberg, Germany Hirsch
24.11.2006 Munich, Germany Backstage
25.11.2006 Wien, Austria Wuk
26.11.2006 Zürich, Switzerland Rote Fabrik
28.11.2006 Berlin. Germany Postbanhof
29.11.2006 Hamburg, Germany Uebel & Gefaerlich
30.11.2006 Gent, Belgia Handelsbeurs
01.12.2006 Groningen, Holland Oosterpoort
02.12.2006 Amsterdam, Holland Melkweg
03.12.2006 Utrecht, Holland Tivoli
06.12.2006 Århus, Danmark Train
07.12.2006 Copenhagen, Danmark Vega
08.12.2006 Copenhagen, Studenterhuset (afternoon) -- HGH only
08.12.2006 Copenhagen, Danmark Vega
09.12.2006 Copenhagen, Danmark Vega

MotorpsychoNews does not aim to offer a coverage of the HGH/Kaizers tour as detailed as about Motorpsycho's 2006 tours but expect some random press reviews & notes if something will become available/published.

As always your input is appreciated: Many Psychonauts will go & see the shows if only to show their support & love for Geb -- I will travel to the second Vega show myself. If you will attend a show & feel like sharing what it is like to see HGH at a big venue supporting Kaizers Orchestra, or if you know of a review in your local press, then please e-mail me!

Btw, I have two tickets to the long sold out first show at Vega, Copenhagen, December 7, 2006 for sale because I will now attend the second night -- if you are interested in purchasing them just drop me a line! Thank you!

Kaizers Orchestra live @ Popkomm Showcase, Berlin, Germany, Kesselhaus, 21.09.2006, picture courtesy of Save Me Kaizer -- can you spot someone familiar? ;-)

Saturday, November 18

Student of your history

The Concert Chronology Part III (fall) has been overhauled & finalized with a lot of final updates: I have supplemented the existing comments to Trondheim I & II & Rockefeller I with really extensive & insightful notes by Jonne Kramer. Thank you so much Jonne for taking the time to sit down & review your personal tour, greatly appreciated, the best! I have also added a lot of performance notes as well as some song-timings for both Trondheim shows, Rockefeller II & Bergen II based on the available audience recordings. Some minor corrections here or there have been made to most entries, thanks to, among many others, The other Anders, Rolf Klausen, Akane, Laika, Tore, Ove, Gustav & everyone at the Forum & G35! Last but not least two more setlist scans are now available (also added to the CC), thanks a lot to Akane:

Trondheim 21.10.2006:

Stavanger 27.10.2006:

I will soon join all three parts (spring, summer & fall) of the Concert Chronology 2006 in order to create just one 2006-file. That doesn't mean though I will stop accepting contributions -- the Concert Chronology is an ongoing project & I would like to urge anyone to submit whatever he or she remembers of the show(s) he or she attended! Every detail, as small as it might seem, is worth being considered, put together they all tell the incredible story of Motorpsycho in concert! The 2006 Concert Chronology has been my favourite pet & I intend to expand my work to previous (and hopefully future) years too, hopefully with as much detail & rich documentation as for 2006. Quite obviously I do depend on your memories, contributions & submissions regarding this matter. Please show your devotion to the band & their art as performing artists & write me something about the Motorpsycho shows you attended in the past, as great or small the number might be, every contribution from you will be gladly accepted & enormously appreciated! More about that later, for now drop me a line here! Also thank you to the people who have already contributed with comments & setlist-scans!

Motorpsychodelic thanks & regards,
yours passionately!

Thursday, November 9

Angry young men?!

Germany's renowned major free magazine for Independent Music INTRO celebrates its 15th anniversary these days. To commemorate the anniversary Intro makes historic back-issues & articles available, e.g. issue #1 is available as pdf-download here -- the contrast to today's high-gloss magazine couldn't be more apparent. Intro has always been very Motorpsycho-friendly, in fact it's one of the few print-mags who recognises the genius of our favourite band. Recent articles included a detailed report about multiple shows of the spring tour 2006 written by devoted Psychonaut Thorsten Schmidt.

Among the featured historic arcticles is a cover story from January 1995 about the now epochal release of "Timothy's monster", back then quite a puzzling move for many fans & consumers but certainly the beginning of establishing Motorpsycho as the unpredictable & ever-changing cult-act who masterfully delivers in every musical facet there could be! While the article & interview have been well available in the UnOffs excellent media archive -- check it out! a treasure trove for information about the band -- the cover-shot hasn't been available. Intro has put it online now: Motorpsycho 1994, the five-piece band (is that really Deathprod in the background?)!

Thanks to Steven Adam for the heads-up & link to the article, the cover picture rocks!

Tuesday, November 7

Roadworks 98

Last friday I went to see a photo retrospective of influential fashion photographer Martin Munkácsi together with my dearest upon her suggestion. While we were browsing the art- & bookshop afterwards I was somehow drawn to the postcard pictured above, picked it up & flipped it around only to see this shot by Wolfgang Tillmans (1998) is called "roadworks 98"! Couldn't help but buying it & sticking it to the wall above my desk.

Incidentally I was clearing my harddisc today & found an interesting TV-feature about the release of "Roadworks I" which has been provided to me by Ola A. Eggen from Trondheim quite some time ago! Thank you very much Ola! The ~8 minute long special features a full band interview as well as excerpts of "Vortex surfer", "California dreaming" & "The witch", recorded at Rockefeller, April 10, 1999! Now here for you to watch on YouTube:

For more "roadworks 98"-era stuff you can also download the "1998 compilation" from Dime! This 5-CD set has been carefully compiled from a variety of fan-made audience recordings, as well as some high-quality radio & TV-sources in order to assemble every recorded & available song performed in 1998. There is no duplication to material released on "Roadworks I" but sure enough the compilation includes more highlights from the shows from which the record was compiled, namely epic & mindblowing versions of "Mad sun", "Superstooge -> Funk '99", "Flick of the wrist" & "Heartattack Mac" from Utrecht as well as a hard-driven & fully articulated "Waiting for the man"-jam from Berlin! More highlights include a definite version of "S.T.G." from Copenhagen, the first ever "K9" with a noise-jam from Bergen & a five-song-excerpt of the secret acoustic gig in Köln to name but a few! This download is well worth the patience & time.

In the light of this great compilation, which provides just a little peak of what might be in the band's vault, as well as the most recent playful & successful tour it is impossible to comprehend why the band hasn't released more "Roadworks", particularly since "Roadworks I" remains their only proper live-album to date. But oh boy, don't get me started! I will be forever dreaming of "roadworks 90, 91, 92, 93, 94, 95, 96, 97, 99, 00, 01, 02, 03, 04, 06..."

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