Friday, June 8

Of eternal love...

Sitting here on my desk in the most humid heat that has hit us this year so far typing letters and mails an E-mail hits my inbox. It read "Saw the news of the new drummer on Motorpsycho's website?".

Yes, I had read about Kenneth Kapstad's addition to Motorpsycho's line up this summer but I immidiately headed over the UnOff anyway only to surprisingly learn that the band has yet another European festival show scheduled. Then, checking the ever active forums for the first time in weeks I noticed an inquiry about the status of this very blog, MotorpsychoNews. Upon replying to that post I figured I might just as well share the reply with all of you:

Yes, indeed, an update is certainly long overdue and I do apologize to all returning readers. Quite frankly -- despite what I "promised" in my anniversay post -- I don't think I will be able to maintain MotorpsychoNews on the same level and with the same intensity and frequency I did in 2006.

Since September 2006 I am the manager of a Sixties Psychedelic Garage Rock band and my "job" includes the vast variety of tasks that is part of working with a band, like booking concerts, doing press and promotion work, handling the band's communication, creating a network of followers and supporters, maintaining MySpace, driving the bus, tourmanaging before the tour as well as on the road, album and artwork production, sharing all the chaos and little catastrophies but also moments of joy, hope and euphoria that charakterize a band's daily life and last but not least of course attending a great number of exciting concerts all over Germany and Europe which is the sweetest "salary" I can currently fancy because naturally I am also a hardcore-die-hard fan, that sort of species I had turned into at the age of 12 back when I first heard The Beatles and which has become my second nature! On top of that I also do the booking for two Danish bands now.

All of that leaves me with very little to almost no time for anything else. And since I am pursuing a part-time "career" in this field as well as being committed to lead "my" band down the golden road to well deserved cult fame I put my entire dedication, heart-blood, time as well as all personal and financial resources into the music and the band(s).

It certainly hurts me to not find the due and appropriate time to update MotorpsychoNews regularly. I didn't even find the time to have the decency to let you know about the current status of the blog yet, the way I do now.

However, as Motorpsycho's festival tour comes nearer I will update the blog accordingly with a summary of what has happened the past months and as the tour advances I will of course also compile a Motorpsycho Concert Chronology 2007, which has always been the focus of the content anyway (and my favourite baby!).

If you are interested in what I am up to you are of course dearly invited to check out "my" band: currently we have 24 concerts lined up all over Germany and Austria and we aim to play up to 60 shows this year -- the spring already saw us hitting the road and playing incredibly exciting and far out places like Barcelona for example -- so check out one of our Dance Concerts and meet me on the road somewhere:

The Magnificent Brotherhood
Psychedelic Garage 'n' Freakrock from Berlin
The band's MySpace

Of course I keep a Brotherhood Concert Chronology, which at the same time serves as a personal diary (no-one really reads that yet). If you know me (or the band) you will surely be able to read personal details between the lines here or there.

The other two bands from Copenhagen (DK) I am booking (in Germany) are Cherry Overdrive and Fuzz Manta -- check them out, they are great too!

I am glad this is out of the way folks! Life goes on and magic has happened to me -- my years with Motorpsycho and countless other bands on the road, on the net and on the stereo now pay well off as all loose ends seem to connect little by little. My gratitude goes out to Anders Danielsen aka The other Anders for doing the first step, to Kiryk Drewinski, lead guitarist and mastermind in the Brotherhood, for the greatest inspiration of them all and last but not least to Susann for believing since day one!

Also thanks to Paul Diersen for his E-mail which prompted this post. And of course thanks to all readers and people who wrote me for caring!

Love & Fuzz!
your Brother / Companion / Halloween Head

Monday, June 4

Rockefeller 25.10.2006

The third of three Motorpsycho shows at Rockefeller in 2006 is now up on Dime. Thanks to Gustav!

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