Saturday, August 19

On the beach

From today on MotorpsychoNews will be shut down until the end of August because we -- my sweetheart & me -- will go to the baltic sea! I won't leave, however, without posting the mandatory Fall Tour 2006 schedule, which is still fairly rudimental but will hopefully grow & grow & grow into a full-blown tour! As always you can find a link to the tour schedule in the sidebar for quick navigation...

So long, sail on!

Monday, August 14

2006 Festival tour wrap up

Bent & Snah at Øya Festival 10.08.2006, webcaststill

Motorpsycho in Europe, summer 2006: Haldern Pop Festival, Øya Festival & For Noise Festival -- that was an all too short tour but at least it brought with it a couple of new concert dates & a great webcast of the complete Øya show, a must-have documentation of Motorpsycho in concert 2006!

The 2006 Concert Chronolgy 2006 Part II has been updated with expanded notes to Øya & For Noise, an Øya review, the For Noise soundcheck playlist as well as screenshots from the Øya-webcast.

If you got any additional information, notes, pictures, sounds/recordings, setlists(scans), whatever regarding the recent three festival concerts -- do not hestitate to e-mail me, it's greatly appreciated!

Replaying that fantastic webcast over & over will certainly help you ease the craving for the next Motorpsycho show which always can't come soon enough, but for now we'll have to wait two and a half months until October for another -- hopefully comprehensive -- tour...

Sunday, August 13

For Noise setlist

12.08.2006 -- For Noise Festival, Pully, Switzerland [~70 min]
Set: Hogwash, Coalmine Pony, No Evil -> Hey, Jane, New Song, Starmelt Lovelight, In the Family, Triggerman -> Manmower -> The Wheel -> Devil Dog
Encore: Hyena -> You Lied, Neverland

Notes: Motorpsycho's third of three summer festival performances in 2006. They perform as a trio. Heavy rain occurs during the show, the sound is muddy, but the band plays a good show nontheless. The new song is as yet untitled according to Bent. A slow okay-ish start to the concert turns into a solid middle
part, and then turns into sheer magic by the time they perform "Triggerman". "The Wheel" is over 20 minutes long, very noisy in parts. Bent talks about losing a bass guitar in transit due to "terror bullshit", says Bent: "Thanks so much. I would have never stood in the rain for 1.5 hours for any band." And Snah refers to another band on the festival's line up: "Celtic Frost - heroes of our Childhood."

Misc: discuss

Thanks to Philip Jespersen!

The setlist has been added to the 2006 Concert Chronology Part II (summer).

Saturday, August 12

First fall concert dates!

It seems as if the gods have waited for Motorpsycho's very impressive, almost cinematic Øyafestival-performance to be staged until they leaked the news: the day before yesterday Rockefeller confirmed a Motorpsycho show for October 24, 2006 & yesterday revealed a Motorpsycho two night stand at Trondheim's Blaest, October 20.-21., 2006! This is most likely (hopefully!) just a harbinger of a more extensive tour; Rockefeller tickets have gone onsale already! That's just a short note for now only -- because it's too good a news to not be shared! -- but unfortunately I do not have the time for an appropriate update of MotorpsychoNews right now because I am thoroughly consumed by other music this weekend...:

She said-she said
You wanna go for a ride?
I got no more money to burn
And i'm gonna stay up all night-
(G. Dulli)

Don't worry, I'll take you for the ride!

Friday, August 11

Øya setlist

10.08.2006 -- Oyafestival, Middelalderparken, Oslo, Norway
Attendance: ~9000
Set: Manmower - The Wheel, No Evil, Hey, Jane, Starmelt/Lovelight, Sail On, In the Family, Kill Devil Hills, Hyena, You Lied, Neverland

Notes: This show, the only Norwegian summer appearance, they perfom as a quartet again, Øyvind rejoins them. A very good & rocking show. The concert was webcast live via Norwegian tv channel NRK, the stream can be accessed here. Bent quotes The Grateful Dead's "The Wheel" in "The Wheel": "The wheel is turning and you can't hold on, can't go back and you can't stand still".

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The setlist has been added to the 2006 Concert Chronology Part II. More Øya stuff to follow...

Motorpsycho will perform Switzerland's For Noise festival tomorrow, the last of the three summer shows...

Wednesday, August 9

Two songs from Haldern

Almost a week ago Motorpsycho performed at Haldern Festival (compare the 2006 CC Pt. II for details!). Two songs -- "Hey, Jane" & "In the family" from their set were broadcast on the radio, on local station 1Live. You can now download the two songs here (the files require the FLAC codec) & get a glimpse how the band sounds as a trio WITHOUT Geb. Caution: some terribly crooked vocals & a fairly sloppy band ahead! Thanks to Martin Schmidt for taping & uploading the broadcast!

Motorpsycho will play Oslo's Øyafestival tomorrow!

Monday, August 7

More Haldern

Corrected Haldern setlist (running order), two pictures of the band on stage & couple of notes in the 2006 Concert Chronology Part II! Thanks again to Thorsten...

Saturday, August 5

Haldern setlist

With many thanks to Thorsten Schmidt here's the Haldern setlist. It's not 100% confirmed but most likely very close, thank you Thorsten for an exhausted but agitated late night SMS-report! :)

04.08.2006 -- Haldern Pop Festival, Rees-Haldern, Germany [75 min]
Attendance: 7500
Set: New/unknown song (?), Hey Jane, No Evil, In The Family, Starmelt/lovelight, Neverland, Manmower, Triggerman, Kill Devil Hills -> Devil Dog, Hyena, You Lied

Notes: After a sunny day heavy rain hits Haldern, resulting in up to 10 cm standing water on the grounds. Then: 75 minutes as a three-piece. No more rain, but hard conditions- they rocked the limited but thankful crowd all the same -- what a life!

Misc.: discuss

The setlist has been added to the 2006 Concert Chronology Part II, more notes to follow. The band's next concert will be at Oslo's Øyafestival, August 10.

Friday, August 4

No webcast tonight

Looks like we won't see a live webcast of tonight's Motorpsycho concert, compare BeSonic's webcast schedule & the current webcast -- the band should be on stage right now...

However, there will be more chances to catch excerps of this concert on air on german media: The legendary german live music program program Rockpalast will air a four hour TV special about the Haldern Festival August during the night August 26/27.2006, 0:30-04-30, on german TV channel WDR. Rockpalast has featured Motorpsycho before with their collaboration with Jaga Jazzist at 2002's Bizarre Festival. The entire show was webcast live & aired several times on TV. It circulates as audio & video recording among fans. Let's hope they'll include Motorpsycho again in the coverage of the festival with a song or two...Another medium but in the same channel family, radio station 1LIVE, also noted for live broadcasts, will dedicate a special to the Haldern Festival, coming sunday, August 06.2006, 20:00.

In the meantime we can just sit back & wait for tonight's setlist, it will be posted to this space very soon of course.

Thanks to Rouen (via g35) for the Rockpalast news & Martin (via Motortrades) for the 1LIVE news!

Thursday, August 3

Haldern tomorrow - webcast?

Motorpsycho will play the first of three summer-festival concerts tomorrow (August 04th, 2006) at Germany's Haldern Pop Festival. It will be the band's first performance since their show at Darmstadt's Centralstation on May 14th 2006, the finale of the "Black hole/Blank canvas"-tour, which was the band's first proper tour of Europe since fall 2002. In addition to Haldern Motorpsycho will perform at Switzerland's For Noise & Oslo's Oya Festival -- compare the summer tour schedule for dates & details! It is being expected that the band will be back for a fall tour, though no dates are known yet.

Those of us who can't make it to any of the three festival shows can now hope for a live webcast of the Haldern appearance. The online portal has announced "live webstreams of selected acts from Haldern Pop Festival" - although details are still pending. Motorpsycho are due on Haldern's stage tomorrow evening at 21:40, so just keep checking back to BeSonics news page for the possible webcast.

MotorpsychoNews aims to cover the upcoming shows as detailed as possible -- with your help: if you are going to attend one or more of the next three shows please drop me an e-mail if you feel like sharing setlists, notes, personal reviews, general observations, pictures, sounds & videos as well as ticket-, poster- & setlistscans etc -- compare MotorpsychoNews' coverage of the spring tour here!

Thank you very much to T. for the news about the webcast!

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