Tuesday, May 30

The next tour

Now that Motorpsycho's spring tour in support of "Black hole/Blank canvas" during which they played 19 shows across europe is finished, the countdown to the next tour -- the second of three expected tours in 2006 -- starts. A Norwegian article stated earlier in the year that the band's summer tour will be comprised of six shows. Two of these are already known: a headline performance at Oslo's Øya Festival as well as a performance at Germany's beautiful & intimate Haldern Pop Festival. Stickman Records now confirms the Motorpsycho show at Haldern for August 3, 2006, the second day of the three-day festival. No other dates are known yet.

A constantly updated tour schedule can be found here: as of now the next Motorpsycho show will take place on August 3rd -- just two months from now!

Thanks to Jana for the heads-up about the confirmed Halden date.

Saturday, May 27


One of the million reasons why many fans travel to see multiple Motorpsycho shows during one tour is the everchanging, unpredictable setlist the band will play at any given show -- one can never know what tune they are going to open with, what tune they will use to space out on & what kind of one-off peformance they will pull out of their hats. Naturally a written setlists by one of the band members (or the crew) is one of the coolest & sometimes most revealing souvenirs a fan can obtain after the concert. Most setlists are individually designed, very often including malapropisms & jokes on song-titles, local references or even little drawings -- after all there is probably no better way to remember a spaced out version of "K9" than to look at the list & have it it charmingly listed as "Ein Hund das Weltraum", just as they did it on the Darmstadt (14.05.2006) setlist.

During the last tour deviations from the planned setlist were pretty common (cf. the 2006 Concert Chronology Part I), usually it was Bent who spontaneously decided to omit or add songs or change the sequence. For these occasions it is quite revealing to have a look at the actual setlist afterwards & see what they intended to play & to speculate why they (he) decided to alter it.

Here is a number of setlists from the last tour. I am delighted these include all but one setlist of the shows I saw during the tour -- It's been the greatest fun staring at, digesting, cherishing & analyzing them overwhelmed & exhausted after the concerts. A huge & warm thank you to Susann Franke for collecting, scanning & sharing them.

29.04.2006, The Rock, Copenhagen (DK)

Here they stuck to the setlist, though due to the venue's curfew they ommited the encore "You lied" which is not listed on this setlist but was listed on another setlist. And what might "Critical mast" stand for?

30.04.2006, Mau Club, Rostock (D)

The setlist to an incredible concert, as Pidah told us before the show: "Lots of oldies tonight". Gotta love the "Un chien d'Rostock[whatever]"! During the show before "You lied" Bent steps to Snah & signals him to not go into "Hogwash" after "Hyena". They omit "Before the flood" eventually & deliver "Hogwash" as a great first encore/concert closer.

01.05.2006, Postbahnhof, Berlin (D)

The most noteworthy fact about this setlist is that the "Hogwash"-reprise which was performed between "Bonny Lee" & "Plan #1" is not listed. "You lose", listed as possible first encore choice, is being left out, had they performed it the lenght of this show would have been well over two & a half hours.

02.05.2006, Fabrik, Hamburg (D)

Another night where they stuck to the setlist for the most part, with one major exception: they omit "L.T.E.C." which was obviously planned as a jam part that would lead up to "The wheel". It's one of the new songs I did not manage hearing being performed live. Most unfortunately I came just THIS close...

03.05.2006, Paradiso, Amsterdam (NL)

No setlist deviations here. I'm loving the different "design" though, as well as the way the segues are indicated.

07.05.2006, Cirque Royal, Brussels (B)

Another setlist with a major omission: they do not play "The wheel". Also another local variation on "Un chien d'espace".

08.05.2006, Live Music Hall, Köln (D)

This setlist does not divide between first & second encore. The encore is indicated as "O.A.E." hinting at Bent's perception of the common German "Zugabe"-chant (compare the notes to the Darmstadt show). Apparently they got so carried away with a very long version of "Manmower" that they decided to skip "Vanishing point" & "Before the flood" & make "Hogwash" the second encore of this outstanding & long show.

Links to these setlists have been added to the 2006 Concert Chronology Part I. If you can provide scans to other setlists please e-mail me, it's greatly appreciated!

Saturday, May 20


After nursing a mild post tour blues the past days (it has been worse after my first four shows in the beginning of the month) I am back to update MotorpsychoNews.

The tour has been wrapped up last sunday in Darmstadt with a concert that drew extensively from the stantard material performed during the tour but spawned extraordinarily unique moments too. Two great German reviews of the show can be found online: Thorsten Schmidts continued tour adventures for Intro.de as well as a spot-on review for Regioactive.de. You can also download a lossless version of a digital audience recording here, this is the first recording of the recent tour to be circulated (widely).

While listening to the Darmstadt recording you can i.e. have a look at all sets the band played during this tour in the 2006 Concert Chonology Part I. During the the next two weeks I will give the CC a big final overhaul. If you you got something to add just e-mail me! Contributions of all kinds are greatly appreciated: corrections, notes, setlist scans, reviews, observations, recordings, pictures -- basically everything you feel should belong into the Concert Chronology. Thank you to past & future contributers!

Last but not least thanks to the band for bringing back the magic!

Tuesday, May 16

Darmstadt setlist

14.05.2006 -- Centralstation, Darmstadt, Germany [155 min]
Set: Sideway Spiral III, No Evil -> Hey Jane, Triggerman -> Manmower -> Triggerman, Kill Devil Hills -> Devil Dog, Hyena -> You lied -> The wheel -> Plan #1
Encore 1: Vanishing Point, Sail On, Neverland
Encore 2: Jam -> Un Chien D'Espace -> Timothy In The Magic City -> Un Chien D'Espace

Notes: This is the last show of the tour & the band makes it a worthy & inspired final concert. The audience enjoys a PERFECT sound, this might very well be one of the clearest & most detailed sounds ever produced at a Motorpsycho show, simply stunning! Generally this is a great venue, which allows the band to stage a really wide-screen Motorpsycho show. The mood is geat & relaxed tonight, smiles everywhere as well as lots of interaction & interplay between all players. Before "Triggerman" Bent says they will try something they haven't tried before & that it might take a while. Jokingly he encourages the audience to go to the bar if it might take too long. Off they go into the wonderful "Triggerman/Manmower"-sandwich, with fluent & tender segues. This 22 minute jam climaxes in a beautiful "Manmower"-solo, THE most moving moment of the show, not of this world! "Kill devil Hills -> Devil dog" is apocalyptic, with even more feedback than usual & they nail every note! Jacco gets an introduction during an extended drum-break in "You lied". "The wheel" is very well-developped. Patiently & carefully they jam through the first passages before they introduce the main riff for a massive neverending jam, which is dominated by Snah but Bent adds a lot of extra lyrics & the jam also takes some really unexpected turns. This version clocks in 27 minutes. When they return for the first encore Bent jokingly demands that the audience gives them "the traditional German line U-A-E", making the crowd give them another short "Zugabe"-choir. He then mentions that this is the last night of the tour & adds that "first we will rock out some more & then we will space out a bit more, so everybody hang loose". The first encore rocks competently indeed, the band is very animated. By the time they return to the stage to perform a 35 minute version of "Un chien" they have captivated every listener, the whole place listens quietly & amazed. This version of "Un chien" is amazingly altered & jammed out, they add new turns & twists everywhere & the improvisation goes through several inspired ideas. Even before the very intro the band creates a 7 minutes space improvisation that picks up some of the themes that have introed "Un chien" so far. The main jam starts off with the by now familiar riff (i.e. also performed in Berlin) but soon the band telepathically goes through clearly distinct ideas, passages, tempi within the blink of an eye. One of the jams inside this most amazing "Un chien" is indeed "Timothy in the magic city", complete with lyrics. Towards the end of the suite they go into an extremely fast-paced jam. Instead of kicking back in with the main theme after Bent has sung the second lyrics Snah suddenly & puzzingly strums half a minute of real chaos guitar & THEN they go back into "Un chien" with all its might. Although the guitars are extremely out of tune in the end they extend the ending of this extraordinarily inspired, varied, rich & long "Un chien", which continues a string of extremely spaced out shows in Darmstadt (compare 2000 & 2001). A great ending to a great tour!

Misc.: discuss, Echo-online.de review

This final set completes the 2006 Concert Chronology Part I.

Saturday, May 13

Amsterdam & Rimini pictures

There are many great pictures taken at the Amsterdam show over at the UnOff, click here to browse them. They were taken by Joost & Astrid. Here are also a number of (rather dark) pictures from Rimini, thanks to MLG.

This is my favourite shot of the Amsterdam set Joost & Astrid provided for the UnOff:

Last night's setlist as well as all previous sets can be found in the 2006 Concert Chronology Part I. The band is about to wrap up the tour in Darmstadt tomorrow but they will be back for a short summer festival tour & a more extensive fall tour.

Treviso setlist

12.05.2006 -- New Age, Treviso, Italy [130 min]
Set: Kill Devil Hills -> The Ace -> Devil Dog, Manmower, Bonny Lee -> You lose, Sideway Spiral III -> Critical Mass, Sail On, Neverland, Hey Jane, No Evil, Kill Some Day
Encore 1: You Lied -> Hyena, L.T.E.C. -> Tristano
Encore 2: Feel

Notes: Great concert! Many unusual segues tonight. The band rocks hard. There are slight issues with the sound in the beginning but it improves as they go along. This is the second time this tour that "Tristano" is played, it's a 20 minute psychedelic version, amazing! Other highlights include "Manmower", "Kill some day" & "You lose". The latter features a growing ending: melodic & powerful.

Misc.: discuss

Thanks to Manuel & Kappa.

If you got more notes or corrections e-mail me!

This set has been added to the 2006 Concert Chronology. Today the band enjoys an off-day before they'lll play the the tour finale in Darmstadt tomorrow!

Friday, May 12

Rimini setlist

11.05.2006 -- Velvet, Rimini, Italy [150 - 175 min?]
Set: Un Chien D'Espace, Sancho Says, Sail On, Triggerman, No Evil -> Hey Jane, Before The Flood, Feel, Kill Some Day, The Wheel, Plan #1
Encore 1: Kill Devil Hills -> Devil Dog, Hyena, You Lied
Encore 2: Neverland, Hogwash

Notes: Allegedly a close to three hour show -- AMAZING! "Un chien" clocks in about half an hour, "Hoghwash" is comprised of about 20 minutes of loops and noises.

Misc.: discuss

Thanks to Psychohead & Claudio Aliceposta!

If you happen to rememer more of the show drop me an e-mail so that we can add some cool notes to this concert! Meanwhile the Rimini entry has been added to the 2006 Concert Chronology.

The band will play the third of three Italian dates in Treviso tonight, the second to last concert of the tour!

Thursday, May 11

Köln multimedia

Here is some multimedia stuff fom the Köln show. Thank you very much to Motorpsychodelic for taking pictures, filming & sharing them here! Also, make sure to read the review at Musicheadquarter.de!

Video-links to:
Jam (0:46)
Space (1:09)
Excerpt of Manmower (3:58)

Milan setlist

10.05.2006 -- Rolling Stone, Milan, Italy [120 min]
Set: Sideway Spiral III, No Evil -> Hey Jane, Kill Devil Hills, Triggerman, In our tree, Sail On, 29th Bulletin, Bonny Lee, Sancho Says, Coalmine Pony, Before the flood
Encore 1: Vanishing Point, Neverland, You lied, Hyena
Encore 2: Feel

Notes: Setlist possibly slightly out of order. A rocking show which lacks major jams. Many hardcore fans were pissed off by the setlist & the lenght of the set. The venue is a crappy disco with a crappy sound & a drunken engineer apparently must have set the PA position (i.e.: issues with the FOH sound at times). The band themselves also appears to have problems hearing themselves occasionally: during one song ("In our tree"?) Bent presses his fingers to his ears & Snah was so out of tune one could think he was singing a different song. There is a curfew tonight forcing the band to cut the set short, that's why they omit "Ace" & "Kill some day" which were on the setlist before "Feel". They actually went on two minutes before the time printed on the tickets (21:00) and finished exactly two hours later with Bent's "That's all we have for tonight. Sorry.", definitely leaving the crowd thirsty for more. Reports about the crowd are mixed: while the majority is relatively well behaved, the usual talking during quiet parts & mobile-phone showing off is unfortunately there too. Bent actually has to tell the audience to calm down & be nice to each other during the "Bonny Lee"-jam! Highlights of the concert include "SWS III", "Triggerman", "29th bulletin" as well as the entire first encore which is pure energy!

Misc. : discuss positive or negative views of the show

Thanks a lot to Marco & Andreas!

The set has been added to the 2006 Concert Chronology. The band will play the legendary Velvet in Rimini today -- this venue has seen many a great Motorpsycho show in the past!

Wednesday, May 10

Biel corrections

One major correction to last night's setlist: Instead of "L.T.E.C" as main jam they did play "Bonny Lee". The corrected setlist as well as expanded notes have been added to the 2006 Concert Chronology. Thanks to Philip Jespersen, Nils Hoffmann & Stephan Gernand!

Still looking for a picture/scan of the poster sold at this show! Notes, corrections & just about everything regarding the current shows are very welcome, please e-mail me if you want to contribute!

Motorpsycho are on stage at Rolling Stone in Milan, Italy right now!

Concert reviews

Press reviews of the concerts have been few & far between. Quite expectedly the Trondheim I & Rockefeller shows got (raving) reviews but the continental press does not seem to care. There are exceptions though: our very own traveling fan Thorsten Schmidt extensively reviewed the two consecutive shows in Rostock & Berlin for Inro.de & (fellow Pearl Jam-fan & music-lover) Thomas Welsch contributed a spot-on review for Musicheadquarter.de. Click here to read the Rostock/Berlin review & here for the Köln review (both in German only).

All reviews have been added to the 2006 Concert Chronology, just scroll down to the show in question & have a look at the Misc. section.

If you know of any more concert reviews or if you want to contribute a concert review of your own to MotorpsychoNews drop me an e-mail! Thanks!

Biel setlist

09.05.2006 -- Coupole, Biel, Switzerland [120 min?]
Set: Triggerman, Sail On, Kill Devil Hills -> Devil Dog, Before The Flood, Coalmine Pony, Kill Some Day, No Evil -> Hey Jane, Manmower, L.T.E.C., Plan#1
Encore 1: Hyena, You Lied, The Ace, Sheer Heart Attack
Encore 2: Feel

Notes: A very heavy show, very ROCK. The band is in great form & mood, very playful. The "Triggerman"-interlude, an extremely wonderful "Manmower" and the verses of "Plan#1" were among the only quiet parts of the show. "Sheer heart attack" makes a second appearance. There was a special show-poster for sale at this concert.

Your notes here -- e-mail me if you got something to add!

Misc: discuss, flyer

This setlist has been added to the 2006 Concert Chronology, which comprises all 2006 concerts played so far. Tonight it's Milan, the first of three Italian shows during this tour!

Münster pictures

While we are still waiting for the Biel setlist to be posted we can have a look at four great shots of the band on stage in Münster, 05.05.2006. They were taken by Nils Hoffmann -- thank you Nils for sharing these with us, I think they are beautiful!

Tuesday, May 9

Köln setlist

08.05.2006 -- Live Music Hall, Köln, Germany [150 min?]
Set: Sideway Spiral III, Sancho Says, Sail On, Coalmine Pony, Bonny Lee -> The Wheel, Feel, Kill Devil Hills -> Devil Dog, Neverland, No Evil -> Hey Jane, You Lied -> Hyena
Encore 1: Manmower
Encore 2: Hogwash

Notes: A brilliant gig! "Sancho says" returns to a setlist, it has not been played since Halden (8 shows). The sound is spectacular and they all evidently enjoy playing this venue. They did change something on Bent's & Snah's equipment resulting in Snah being the loudest player tonight. The audience is way dedicated to the band: very silent, well-behaved & into the show even during the quieter parts and as soon as they recognize the next song being played from the new tunes, there was big cheering all around because most of the people knew all songs. Everyone seems to join in the singalong to the chorus of "You lied". "Bonny Lee">"The wheel" is pure energy: after 15 minutes of building "The wheel" up they take it down as if to wrap up the jam but then Bent steps to the mic screaming & the riff kicks back in at full volume for another couple of minutes (it has been done like that before during this tour). Bent intoduces "Manmower" saying this is "something really No Quarter-ish". "Hogwash" starts out rocky but soon evolves into a full psychedelic trip that features great vibraphone work by Øyvind & what seems like an endless acceleration of the main guitar/bass riff: faster & faster & faster! More highlights include great versions of "SWS III" & "Sancho says". On the setlist but not played: "Before The Flood" & "Vanishing point" (as first encore).

Misc: discuss

Thanks to ColognePsycho, Thorsten Schmidt & Motorkasi.

See the 2006 Concert Chronology here, Motorpsycho are going to play Biel tonight, don't forget to check for the special poster!

Monday, May 8

Biel poster

flyer for Motorpsycho live in Biel 09.05.2006

The band will play Biel tomorrow. A heads up to all collectors & merch lovers: According to the Coupole-newsletter there will be a special "silk-screen printed (4-colours)" poster for sale at the show.

Thank you very much to Nils for the flyer & the info!

Motorpsycho did play Brussels yesterday, see the setlist here, and they are going to play Köln's Live Music Hall today.

Brussels setlist

07.05.2006 -- Cirque Royal, Brussels, Belgium [133 min]
Set: Un Chien D'Espace, Sideway Spiral III, Triggerman, Coalmine Pony, No Evil, Sail On, Manmower, Kill Devil Hills -> Devil Dog, Hyena
Encore 1: L.T.E.C., Plan #1

Notes: Quite a psychedelic mood tonight, the jams dominate: "Un chien" clocks in 30 minutes, "Triggerman" 15 minutes & "L.T.E.C." is a groovy 23 minute version. On the setlist as second encore but not played: "The wheel".

Misc.: discuss

Thanks to BoogieChild.

The set has been added to the 2006 Concert Chronology Part I.

Sunday, May 7

Rimini pictures

taken by MGL

Amsterdam notes

Thanks to Rune from Holland we now have extended notes to Amsterdam in the Concert Chronology. Also some more notes to Münster were added. See the 2006 Concert Chronology to read the updates!

Motorpsycho will play Brussels tonight.

Saturday, May 6

Off day

The band & traveling fans can enjoy a well-deserved off day today before the tour will resume tomorrow in Brussels. Some time to catch up with Concert Chronology updates: I have added & reworked notes to Trondheim I, Copenhagen, Berlin, Amsterdam & Eindhoven. I have also finally added notes to the magic Rostock show. Check the 2006 Concert Chronology Part I to see the updates! Notes to the concerts in Trondheim II, Paradiso & Münster are still rather sparse -- if you got something to add it would be greatly appreciated!

Münster setlist

05.05.2006 -- Skater's Palace, Münster, Germany [150 min]
Set: You Lose, Sail On, Triggerman, No Evil -> Hey Jane, Bonny Lee -> Devil Dog, Manmower, Critical Mass, Kill Devil Hills -> The Ace, Feel, In Our Tree, Trixeene, Neverland, You Lied -> Hyena
Encore 1: Un Chien D'Espace

Notes: A super rocking show, with "K9" as highlight. "Feel" & "Trixeene" make their tour-debut tonight. From the very first minute on one could tell that the band is on fire and in a very good mood (much joking about Bent's "Baby, Baby"). Especially Jacco played one hell of a concert, much less cueing by Bent this time. "You lose" is hardly reconizable for the first five to seven minutes because the band jams their way into the tune creating a long awesome build-up. Says Bent after "You loose": "We are Motorpsycho and tonight you win". There are long jams in "Triggerman", "Bonny Lee" & "Critical mass". Nice vibraphone work refines "Manmower" & "Feel", particularly "Manmower" is awesome: started out as expected but grew louder and louder from then on, quite a long and great version. The "Neverland>You lied>Hyena" stretch is a crowd favourite. Bent came out to talk to fans afterwards.

Misc.: discuss

Thanks to Michael "jtr" Wurzer for sms'ing the setlist.

The Münster set has been added to the 2006 Concert Chronology, notes to follow.

Motorpsycho will play Brussels on sunday.

Friday, May 5

Berlin videos

Motorpsycho live in Rostock or Berlin (by Michael "jtr" Wurzer)

While we are still waiting for recordings of Motorpsycho's current tour to start circulating we can enjoy 19 minutes of very cool video footage (recorded on a very good mobile phone) from the Berlin show in the meantime. Here are YouTube links to

Sideway Spiral III (2:37)
Triggerman jam (0:25)
Triggerman conclusion (2:39)
Bonny Lee (2:36)
Hogwash (2:59)
Plan #1 (2:14)
Hyena pt.1 (0:50)
Hyena pt.2 (0:49)
K9 intro (02:35)
K9 conclusion (2:29)

Several digital audience recordings were made at the show as well & an audio recording will most likely be made available (for download?) very soon...

Thank you to Bernd Dunker for the videos as well as good vibes before & during the Berlin show!

More than half of the dates of Motorpsycho's current tour have been played already, still seven shows to go until the tour finale in Darmstadt. Read the 2006 Concert Chronology to learn how the band has developed during the tour, to learn what could be your favourite show so far & to ponder what they might pull off next...

Eindhoven setlist

04.04.2006 -- Effenaar, Eindhoven, Netherlands [130 min?]
Set: Sideway Spiral III, Kill Some Day, No Evil -> Hey Jane, Triggerman, Sail On, The Ace, Manmower, Devil Dog, L.T.E.C. -> Un Chien D'Espace
Encore 1: You Lied -> Hyena
Encore 2: Sheer Heart Attack

Notes: Quite a special show tonight: Motorpsycho play the Effenaar for the 11th time, Eindhoven is Jacco's & Pidah's hometown & in addition they did mix "BH/BC" here. They honour the occasion with a special setlist: "Manmower" makes its tour debut tonight (last time played: Berlin 27.04.2000), "The Ace" & "L.T.E.C." haven't been played in six respectively five shows (since Norway) & the Queen cover "Sheer heart attack" is a drummer's choice & is played for the very first time. The crowd is less chatty than the one at Paradiso the night before. The band doesn't really come together until "Triggerman", from there on they're hot. The jam inside the 25 min "Un chien d'espace" starts out fast and furious and progresses from there. Snah is on fire, really really into whatever he was doing, extreme focus. Not surprisingly there is a full band introduction with Jacco getting the cheers he deserves from the home crowd.

Misc: discuss

Thanks to Rune (hey!) for the notes.

Motorpsycho plays Münster tonight. Have a look what they have played so far during this tour, here! If you want to share comments, notes, pics or corrections regarding the dutch shows, please drop me a line!

Wednesday, May 3

Amsterdam Setlist

03.03.2006 -- Paradiso, Amsterdam, Netherlands [135 min]
Soundcheck: Sail On (and more?)
Set: Un Chien D'Espace, You Lose, Sail On, Triggerman, No Evil, Coalmine Pony, Kill Devil Hills -> Devil Dog -> The Wheel -> Plan #1
Encore 1: Hyena -> You lied, Hogwash

Notes: Live sms update from the show says: "Damn, they're hot tonight!". "Un chien" clocks in close to 30 min.

Misc: discuss

The setlist has been added to the 2006 concert chronology. Motorpsycho will play the second of two dutch shows tonight at Eindhoven's De Effenar.

Hamburg setlist

02.05.2006 -- Fabrik, Hamburg, Germany [120 min]
Attendance: 800
Set: Critical Mass, In Our Tree, Triggerman, No Evil -> Hey Jane, Kill Some Day, Kill Devil Hills -> Devil Dog, 29th Bulletin, You Lose, You Lied -> Hyena, The Wheel
Encore 1: Before the flood

Notes: A solid show that features extremely good as well as more ordinary moments. Highlights include "Kill some day", "Kill devil hills", "29th bulletin", "The wheel" & a jammed out version of "You lose" (11 min). The audience is less animated than in Berlin, there is a considerable amount of talking. "Triggerman" features a group improvisation instead of the individual solos, easily the best version since Copenhagen. Quiet & jazzy "My best friend"-like improvisations intro & outro a massive 22 min "The wheel" which is confidently built up & well thought out -- the coda is simply majestic. On the setlist but not played: "L.T.E.C." (between "Hyena" & "The wheel").

Misc.: discuss

Paradiso tonight / 2006 sets so far

Tuesday, May 2

Berlin setlist

01.05.2006 -- Postbahnhof, Berlin, Germany [145 min]
Attendance: 1200 (sold out)
Set: Sideway Spiral III, No Evil -> Hey Jane, In Our Tree, Kill Devil Hills -> Devil Dog, 29th Bulletin, Vanishing Point, Neverland, Triggerman, Before The Flood -> Bonny Lee -> Hogwash, Plan #1
Encore 1: You lied --> Hyena
Encore 2: Un Chien D'Espace

Notes: What everyone thought to be impossible the band managed to do this night: to raise the energy yet again & to surpass the incredible Rostock show by a hard rocking & spacy concert. Everyone feels very honoured to get "Un chien d'espace" as second encore. It's a 25 min heavy rendition, with an extremely angry psycho-funk monster jam in the middle. Snah's guitar is seriously out of tune at the end, so he has to struggle to get the notes right (and he fails in the very outro). The audience is great, even less talking than in Rostock, although the crowd is three times as big. Killerjam inside "Triggerman" highlighted by some sweet Snah solo. Towards the end of the very long "Bonny Lee" jam the band fluently goes into "Hogwash"-funk-mode & delivers the first verse & the chorus. The song had been left unfinished the day before & they spontaneously reprise it today, it was not on the written setlist. On the setlist but not played: "You are".

I will add more notes to Copenhagen, Berlin, Hamburg & particutarly the FANTASTIC Rostock experience tomorrow (or the day after) when I will be back from Hamburg! The last three setlists have been added to the 2006 Concert Chronology!

Monday, May 1

Rostock setlist

30.04.2006 -- Mau Club, Rostock, Germany [130 min]
Soundcheck: Are You Ready?, In Our Tree, Peggy Sue, plus one or two unidentified songs off of "BH/BC"
Set: Jam -> Un chien d'espace, Sideway Spiral III, Sail On, No Evil, Critical Mass, Coalmine Pony, Kill Devil Hills -> Devil Dog, Kill Some Day, In our Tree, You lied -> Hyena
Encore 1: Hogwash

Notes: This show featured the stuff my Motorpsycho dreams are made of -- one of the best shows I have ever seen them play!

More later!

[Complete notes here]

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