Sunday, March 4

All the men in dresses

Tonight will see the release-party of the new HGH album "All the men in dresses". If you are in Oslo I highly suggest to immideately head to the location of the party (see above flyer) and to celebrate! Geb's and Martin's new effort is somewhat of a continuation of their development towards pop-appeal as the new album will feature brass and choir as well as highly catchy melodies. However, it can also be seen as a departure from the Trash Grass way of doing things. It is also their first album that won't be released on Stickman Records. More about the album later, for now enjoy the party all you lucky Oslo residents!

Many thanks to Eirik Helleve for the flyer!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Short clip from VGTV here:

6:52 PM  
Blogger khm said...

nice, thanks!

12:47 PM  

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